To seek God first. With the;

First part of each day.
First day of each week.
First of your money.

— Rick Warren at #r12 

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Just saved 2 gigs of space on my iPhone.

Just saved 2 gigs of space on my iPhone.

Getting pretty excited about the concert coming to Seattle, 8.8 @8pm

"Do you mean now?" — When asked for the time.
— Yogi Berra
The smell of the midnight lamp is very unwholesome. Never defraud yourself of sleep, nor your walk. You need not now to be in a hurry.
— John Adams to John Quincy - “John Adams” by David McCullough  (via gavinvz)
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What can you do with what you have with where you’re at? As you are reading and are breathing, know that you have something to give.

Is to say, “What’s in your hand?” What do you have that you’ve been given? Talent, background, education, freedom, networks, opportunities, wealth, ideas, creativity. 

Look at what’s in your hand — your identity, your influence, your income — and say, “It’s not about me. 

God says, “Moses, what’s in your hand?” I think that’s one of the most important questions you’ll ever be asked. What’s in your hand? Moses says, “It’s a staff. It’s a shepherd’s staff.” And God says, “Throw it down.” He throws it down and it becomes a snake. And then God says, “Pick it up.” And he picks it back up again, and it becomes a staff again. 

When God ever asks you a question, He already knows the answer.  When He asks the question, it’s for your benefit, not His. So, what was in Moses’ hand?

This shepherd’s staff represented three things about Moses’ life… 

…Second, it’s a symbol of not only his identity; it’s a symbol of his income, because all of his assets are tied up in sheep. Your assets are tied up in your flocks. So it’s a symbol of his identity, and it’s a symbol of his income…

So, He’s saying, ”You’re going to lay down what’s in your hand. You’ve got identity; you’ve got income; you’ve got influence.” And He’s saying, 

"If you lay it down, I’ll make it come alive. I’ll do some things you could never imagine possible." 

And if you’ve watched the movie, “Ten Commandments,”all of those big miracles that happen in Egypt are done through this staff.

So, what are you going to do with what you’ve been given?”

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